Perfect Holiday Presents for Pooch Lovers

Article written/provided by Cindy Aldridge
Picking presents for a pooch lover? Well, we’ve scoured the market for those perfect gifts that will make this holiday season comfier, safer, less stressful, and just plain fun for our canine friends.

Check out our top picks for that friend or loved one that’s passionate for their pooch.

A Dog-Monitoring Camera Dog monitor cameras that keep track of a canine companion’s behavior while owners are away can be great training tools, or just a way to keep a dog company. If a new puppy is chewing up shoes, or an elderly dog is whining from being alone, these interactive devices can communicate with them, for a reprimand or a little calming reassurance. Some monitors even come with snack distributors, which can work as a reward system for good behavior while the owners are away. Dog monitors are offered at a variety of price points, so be sure to check out several and see which might work best for your pooch lover.

A Dog Blueprint These beautifully-framed dog blueprints are perfect for dog owners who love the lineage of their purebred. The blueprint highlights the unique feature of the dog’s breed and tells the story of their favorite dog with a classic line drawing. Available in 60-plus breeds, these 1950s-inspired, distressed-style prints make classically-styled wall decor for an owner’s study or family room.

An Anxiety Wrap Case studies have proven that these wearable wraps help the vast majority of pets that try them. Constant pressure on the dog’s torso works to release anxiety, similar to the way swaddling on babies or weighted blankets on autistic children work. So if your pooch lover’s dog struggles with everyday anxiety or anxiety related to storms, give them a little extra peace this holiday season.

The Chuckit! Large Kit Fetch Ball features a unique grooved design that allows dogs to play fetch with less stress on their mouths. Made of durable canvas, rubber, and EVA foam, this oversized ball is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. Available on Amazon.

The Perfect Dog Bed Given that dogs often spend most of their time cozying up in their safe space, there’s even more reason to make sure they have the perfect place to do it. With brands like Tempurpedic and Serta on the scene, there’s no lack for quality of bedding you can choose from, but you’ll need to consider some important things before this purchase, like your pet’s age, size and habits. For example, memory foam is popular for pets with arthritic issues, and double-coated dogs prefer a cooler floor so they need less padding. Make sure to read up on what pet bed is best for your pooch lover’s dog.

Doggy Diner Personalized Treat Jar Just about every dog owner loves unique pet accessories. This glass treat jar is stylishly engraved with a “retro doggie diner bone design.” Plus, you can add two lines of personalization to make clear this isn’t your average cookie jar.

A Dog Tracker Pet wearables allow owners to track their dog’s activity and resting patterns. They can even be used to record food and medication intake, as well as other care notes. Most notably, device users like the accountability that it provides families for understanding how much time and attention their pet is getting. If Junior forgot to walk the dog, for instance, someone can notice and step in. A dog needs activity, and these devices focus on their care needs so owners make healthy choices for their loyal friend. Several options are available on the market for consideration.

A Barkbox Subscription Who doesn’t look forward to retrieving a monthly treat in the mail? A Barkbox subscription delivers 4-5 whimsically-themed toys and treats to your front door, and each delivery is unique.

Canine friends are family members for many. And if your friend or loved one really has a lot of passion for their pooch, they’ll appreciate a gift that celebrates that special bond. Understanding their immense love of their animal will show just what a special person you are in their life.