Getting Off On The Right Paw


It’s Never Too Soon 

Get Off On The Right Paw.

Your Dog will thank you for your effort.




Start training your new dog or puppy as soon as possible. It’s important to remember that teaching first is easier than fixing later. When it comes to raising and training a dog, an ounce of problem prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure!

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5 Key Training Tips


  • Keep It Short and Sweet

Keep training sessions short and upbeat so that the training process is rewarding and builds on success.

  • Proof your Training

Start all new lessons in an environment with the least number of distractions and slowly move to more complex and varied settings.

  • Request Things You Can Follow Up On

Avoid asking for things you have no way of reinforcing. (Asking a dog to come while it is fully engaged in another activity for example).

  • One Request Should Equal One Behavior

Ask for one thing – reward or redirect the response.

  • Rewards Matter

All animals respond to a meaningful reward. (Mine is flowers and chocolate!) What’s your dog’s? Use it during the initial training stages generously.

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We believe that utilizing the remarkable benefits of the human-animal bond to train your dog results in a stronger relationship and more reliable skills.


You can count on us for training, support and reliable responsiveness.  With our experience in training in various settings, we have the confidence to assist you each step of the way to ensure your success. Because we know that this is important we treat your needs with respect and sincere appreciation.  

It’s Time to Get Off On The Right Paw 


  Frequently Asked Questions


What Do You Charge?

If you are looking for a price sheet – We don’t have one. We begin all training with a exploration of both the human and canine needs. If this is an in-home evaluation and training session, you can expect the fee to be around $75.00.

What Happens At An Evaluation?

We begin by assessing your dog’s reaction to a stranger entering your home to help identify key characteristics. Your existing daily “dog” routine is reviewed. We talk about your concerns, hopes and things that may promote or interfere with working with your dog. Your dog is going to get a lot of attention so we can gauge what works, what doesn’t. We focus on a few things to begin working with and have you practice. We finish by reviewing the key areas of focus and need. All evaluations are followed up by email to include what we discussed and any needed training tips.

How long should I work with my dog?

All training is experiential. That means EVERY experience you have with your dog is an opportunity to train. If you are working on specific tasks – do this several times a day, for a short period, in a variety of settings.

Can I train my dog myself?

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to train your dog yourself. It’s your dog, your relationship!